NPC Partners spoke at the 2019 China Paper Industry Summit

2019-08-28 1540

In mid-July 2019, NPC Partners Lead Consultant was invited to present a keynote speech at 2019 China Paper Industry Summit (July,11 - 12) held in Zhengzhou, China. The event was organized by China Paper Association and China Pulp & Paper Industry Magazine, drawing around 350 attendees, including senior and mid-level executives from more than 200 pulp and paper companies.


Our speech focus on the Opportunities and Challenges from Chinese Paper Companies’ Increasing Investments to the ASEAN region. Driven by changes in recycled paper supply and paper end use market developments, more and more Chinese paper companies are starting to 'go overseas', with Southeast Asian countries being the preferred investment location in this period.


According to NPC Partners' analysis, China companies have become the major force of greenfield investment in the ASEAN pulp and paper sector. So far, total announced new capacity for the next 5 to 6 years in the ASEAN region already exceed 10 million tonnes, counting investment from both China and non-China sources. These new investments mainly target recycled pulp and packaging board grades, and major destinations are Malaysia and Vietnam.


More importantly, pulp and paper companies worldwide need new analytical tools and strategies to better cope with market changes, especially the new factors emerged in China's changing fundamentals and increasing overseas investments. In contrast, one-stop information and data solution generally lacks insights to complex market changes and lack of new analysis and new ideas to guide growth paths or future industry direction.


The NPC Partners Forest, Pulp and Paper Consulting Services team can provide our clients with new analytical tools and consulting solutions to address the new changes and uncertainties in the market today, helping to capture growth opportunities. The NPC Partners Consulting Services team is also familiar with the Southeast Asian paper industry and has been invited to participate in the biennial Southeast Asian Forest and Paper Industry Summit (FAPPI) many times.


In cooperation with major industry associations, NPC Partners research team have also developed new consulting report with comprehensive analysis of China's FBB&SBS /recycled boxboard market, recycled paper market, changing policy environment and company strategy. Our reports and associated advisory can help companies plan right strategies to cope with the changing market and policy environments. Customized consulting services is also available.


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